What to Expect

Big Dipper Books is a place for busy book lovers and review junkies to find great books. It’s a book blog.

That being said.

All opinions here are just that — opinions. I majored in English (so I took all those critical theory classes), but I don’t claim to be the final authority on any book. My rating system is totally arbitrary, based on my personal preferences, and completely made up in my head.

This means you’ll probably disagree with me sometimes. That’s totally cool. A good book discussion is built on difference of opinion. Disagreeing (respectfully) is how we sharpen each other.

Being a human with a human brain, there are definitely things I will miss and misinterpret. I will do my best to post fair, respectful, and honest reviews of books I’ve both loved and disliked.

Here’s my only request: Be fair and be cool. If we can be both of those things, we will have an awesome time talking about books.

I’m here to help you pick a great book you’ll love … hopefully one that will touch you deeply. My reviews are partly an excuse to gush about reading, but mostly to help you figure out whether or not a book is worth your time.

I’m here to be a guide. I’ve got your back.

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